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We have currently marketed our quality products as follows 
ในปัจจุบันเรานำเสนอสินค้าคุณภาพ รายการดังนี้

I. EPDM FR Insulation


The latest innovative thermal roof insulation for modern building. ThermoFlex™ is EPDM FR Closed Cell Insulation sheet laminated with Aluminium Foil.

Furthermore, we also provide fixing accessories to install insulation to customers.

Aerocoustic is a blended elastomeric nitrile rubber acoustic absorber having
open cell structure with complex pore geometry for effective absorption of air-borne sound across a broad range


II. Rubber Flashing

Leak proof solution, EasyFlash® is butyl based rubber flashing and coated with Aluminium skin EasyFlash® replaces the traditional sealant and metal flashings.

Premium water proof rubber flashing, WakaFlex® is butyl based rubber flashing  and reinforced with Aluminium mesh in the core of material .WakaFlex® replaces traditional sealant and metal flashing , especially  the critical areas.


III. Solar Fan Ventilator

Solar Viin
The Solar Viin is a powerful solar roof ventilation & exhaust fan that operates completely without mains electricity. The superior performance of air flow, ease of installation, flexible design that specifically suits variety of  roofs.


Vindus Fan
Innovation airflow concept
Only 5 engineered blades, simple operation using a single
controller and the highest degree of reliabillity using superior design

M750 series brings you the comfortable airflow that you need
for your cooling/heating, air/humidity quality control and energy savings applications

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