Products & Services

We have currently marketed our quality products as follows 
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I. EPDM FR Insulation


The latest innovative thermal roof insulation for modern building. ThermoFlex™ is EPDM FR Closed Cell Insulation sheet laminated with Aluminium Foil.

Furthermore, we also provide fixing accessories to install insulation to customers.

Aerocoustic is a blended elastomeric nitrile rubber acoustic absorber having
open cell structure with complex pore geometry for effective absorption of air-borne sound across a broad range


II. Rubber Flashing

Leak proof solution, EasyFlash® is butyl based rubber flashing and coated with Aluminium skin EasyFlash® replaces the traditional sealant and metal flashings.

Premium water proof rubber flashing, WakaFlex® is butyl based rubber flashing  and reinforced with Aluminium mesh in the core of material .WakaFlex® replaces traditional sealant and metal flashing , especially  the critical areas.


III. Solar Fan Ventilator

The Solar Whiz is a powerful solar roof ventilation & exhaust fan that operates completely without mains electricity. The superior performance of air flow, ease of installation, flexible design that specifically suits variety of  roofs.


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